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Seeking Calm during Chaos

As I am writing this blog post, the November election is only a few days away. The pandemic is still ongoing, and the black lives matter movement continues for justice.

The United States is experiencing a scary and uncertain time. I think we are all seeking refuge and security during this chaotic political climate.

Personally, as I continue to cope with quarantine, I still think about domestic spaces and the privilege it can play during the pandemic. I've started and continue to work on my interior spaces series. Through this series, each of my characters is seeking solace and peace. In this work, each character may enjoy a cup of tea, read a book, or spend a moment by themselves to experience a reset.

Most of my days do not feel relaxed, and I know that many people experience the same. Currently, my canvas is a window to another world. I find escaping to this place comforting. The world I've created is a calm, pleasant, and loving place to run into, and I think we could all use a break from reality right now.

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