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Sunford's House

For the past few months, I have been working on building a dollhouse for my muse Sunford. Old memories and nostalgia have inspired me during this lengthy process.

Growing up, my Mom owned her interior design business. As a mother of three kids, she balanced her work and home life well. She was a total lady boss before it was even a thing. Before I was old enough to go to school, my mother would bring me along during her workday. When driving to a client's house, my Mom and I went past an old victorian style home painted bright purple. I told my Mom how much I liked that house because it had such bright colors compared to the other homes. It's a fond memory I have of a simpler time.

With the current pandemic going on, I have needed more personal space in Los Angeles. I keep dreaming of my perfect house, with multiple rooms and a large backyard to be a sanctuary during this challenging time. This fantasy is currently out of reach for me and escaping reality appealing. I realize that although I cannot live in a picturesque Victorian, it doesn't mean that Sunford couldn't.

The building process was lengthy to make the Victorian Mansion. All the wood came in a set with very minimal instructions. Once I created the house's foundation, I painted the outside and inside before gluing them together. To give the interior the details of a real home, I purchased small tiles, contact paper, and laminate wood to provide more texture. I added light purple detailing to the roof, bay windows, and decorative vergeboard to honor the memory I have with my mother.

I feel proud with how the house turned out! I hope you can enjoy it too. Sunford and I will decorate the interior, and we have lots of plans for some upcoming videos.

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